A church living out the gospel of jesus christ believing for a transformed city and a nation in revival


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Children’s Ministry

Empower, equip, and activate children to advance the Kingdom of God

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Empowering a generation of revivalists that do what Jesus does and say what He says.

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Sexual Revolution

Our desire is to promote a culture of love, honour and respect. Equipping and empowering society to wholeness.

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Manna Basket

The Manna Basket is a food bank and food rescue operation working to help those in our immediate GOP family and others in the community who are food insecure.

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Abounding Hope Ministries

Abounding Hope is part of Gates of Praise and was established in order to reach the poor and underprivileged in our community of UGU. Our work centers predominantly, at present, in our local informal settlement Masinenge, however our work has extended into the deeper rural areas as well.


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